Greenhead Motel

Family owned for more than 40 years

Greenhead Motel & Restaurant, Provost, Alberta
Owned & Operated by : Wong’s – Pak & Allyson
                                                               Jonathan & Alex

Our family moved to Provost from Grande Prairie, Alberta in the summer of 1985 and opened a new restaurant & lounge. In 1990, we purchased the Greenhead Motel & Restaurant and have been proud owner/operator of this family business since.

Right from day one our business motto has always been to provide good value and quality products and services in a clean environment, which is so important in the hospitality industry. Consistency in delivery is what brings customers back time and time again and we strive to maintain the same high level of service and quality in all aspects of our operation. Therefore, it’s crucial that we have well trained and dedicated employees to help us achieve these goals. We are extremely proud of our team of loyal staff and they are the key to the success of our family operation. They are an extension of our personalities so it is very important that they have a good understanding of our goals and objectives.

The Greenhead Motel & Restaurant provides stable employment for about 32 people in our community. If we have to select one employment practice that we do that is most beneficial to the community and one that we are extremely proud of, we would definitely choose the Work Experience Program that we partner with the local schools. Every year we take in one or two students to work in various capacities of our operation. I think it is so important for the youth of today to have a chance to gain experience on what the work world is like before they leave school. Our children helped and participated in the family business when they were young and it certainly provided them the needed skills to function in a social setting by working with others.  It’s so rewarding to see some of these young people went on to further their educations and returned home in a few years and became contributing citizens in our community.

photo courtesy of enbridge 2017 pipeline promotional left to right: Allyson, Alexandria, Jonathan, & Pak Wong

photo courtesy of enbridge 2017 pipeline promotional
left to right: Allyson, Alexandria, Jonathan, & Pak Wong

We are also firm believers in giving back to the community that supports us. Over the years, we have been actively involved with various local sports organizations by contributing time and funding to clubs such as soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, just to name a few.  We also help out with local charity groups like Lions Club, Kinsmen Club and Ducks Unlimited in their fundraising efforts. We are member of the district Chamber of Commerce and participate in the Town of Provost Economic Development Committee. In 2005, our effort was recognized. We were awarded the Governor General Centennial Medal from the Province for outstanding service to the people of Alberta.

Owing a business in rural Alberta can be challenging at time but it is also rewarding if it’s operated with the right approach and effort.  Like many small enterprises in this country, family support is the key. It is only by working closely as a family unit that our business is able to thrive and continue to grow.  Our business would not have been able to survive for 28 years without the hard work and dedications of all members of our family.